Ewert Group Private Wealth Management specializes in helping AMD employees who are within 5 years of retirement. Working with over 230 AMD families, Mark and his team provide expert planning and advice that has earned the reputation of ‘making the complex simple.’ With so many different interconnected parts in AMD’s retirement package, we can answer questions like:

  • When should I retire to maximize the various pieces of the retirement package?
  • What type of income can I expect?
  • What happens with the proceeds from Fund and Fund 2?
  • How do I income split my SRIP, Fund, Fund 2, DCPP and DPSP with my spouse?
  • Am I better with a higher or lower MVA?
  • Should I take my Service Vacation (5+10) as time or a lump sum?
  • When should I start my CPP and OAS?  How do they integrate into my plan?
  • What should I do with my unused regular vacation time?
  • How can I reduce the amount of tax I pay?
  • Which survivor pension option should I choose?

If you would like to view our videos on Dofasco FAQs, send us an email and we’ll be in touch. 

AMD Retirees

For those already retired from AMD, we help by addressing these topics: 

  • How do I ensure my plan stays sustainable throughout retirement?
  • How do I reduce the amount of tax I pay in retirement?
  • My Fund 2 and DCPP need to go to a Locked in RRSP.  How do I “unlock” these?
  • How do I make sure when my estate settles taxes are minimal and more goes to my beneficiaries?
  • How do we ensure our long term plan remains sustainable if one of us gets sick or passes away?